Tuesday, October 18, 2005


Saturday, September 10, 2005
Better daze..

Today was my first day at CEC and everything seemed to go very well. I made some new friends, learned some of the in's and outs, and worked my ass off and actually liked it. I go in from 10-5pm tomorrow. I wish I worked a lot more hours but hopefully, this will change over time.

There are a lot of cute chicks that work there too. One complimented me on my work. She smiles a lot and all that which is cool. There's one girl tho, she's cool but she seems kind of bitchy. She's whatever..

The job is fun. I bussed tables, served guests, swept some trash, emptied trash, and some other stuff. It sounds like crap, but it honestly isn't. I look forward to tomorrow's day of work.

Until then..

Wednesday, September 07, 2005
I'm not the Rat

Well, I went to my final interview at CEC today. They like me, I guess. They said I'm tall and intimidating. They also said they like the fact that I can work flexible hours. In conclusion, I have orientation tomorrow at 5pm. I have a feeling of relief. I can continue paying my bills and such, as well as pay off my debts and work on moving. The place behind Cyndie's house sounds really tempting. A guest house for $475 [or something] isn't bad at all. Especially with all utilities paid. I'm going to look further into that.

I had to go out and buy Navy Blue shorts for the CEC chill. I paid $12.99 at Target [clearance, bitches!]. I really just want to work, stack up $$ and pay my bills off so I can get on with my life. I feel like I've been in a slump for so long. This is a sigh of relief. Hell, it's better than nothing..

Monday, September 05, 2005
Just as I expected

So I went to talk to my Dad about yesterdays incident. I sit down, and he starts talking. I tell him my side of the story. I guess he already heard my brother's side of the story. Immediately after I explain my side, he makes it seem like everything is my fault. I knew this was going to happen..

About 6 minutes into the conversation, I told him I didn't want to talk about it and just walked out. I got in my car and left. He sided with my brother, and he told me that everything was my fault. Gee, thanks for making me waste my Gas.

A better day..so far

I woke up feeling a lot better than I did after yesterday's incident. I got a phone call from my Dad around 10:45am. He wants me to go to his house so we can "sort" all of the madness out. Whether my brother is going to be there, or not, I'm not too sure. If my Dad does try to say I'm at fault for my actions, I'm cutting the convo short and walking out. My brother was wrong. He was the one running his mouth. I just retaliated. Sure, I retaliated at a Birthday party but have you ever been so angry at someone to the point where you just..snap? Yeah, that was me yesterday.

A few of my friends say I was right and they would have done the same thing. I did ruin the birthday party tho. None of the kids had Cake since my sister sent the Cake off with me. Again, I appreciate her doing this for Irulan and all, but my brother's shit talking is what started the kill. He thinks he's a badass and he's really not. He's the biggest poser I've ever seen. He tries to display himself as a "Thug". It doesn't work well. His girlfriend is WHITE. Not that it matters or anything, but think about it..

So now I've got to talk to my Dad and I know he's going to pull the "It's all your fault" but I'm going to end up getting angry x10, and walking out. If my brother is there, there could be a round 2. I'll post again later on..

Sunday, September 04, 2005
It's ALWAYS my fault..

My sister was nice enough to throw a little Birthday party for my Daughter, Irulan. It was really nice of her. I arrived late because I was at lunch with Qahaar, Akiko, and Mariko [today was our Meet].

I finally made my way to my sister's house, and my brother, my sister's friend, April, Irulan, and my sister's kids are all there. A few minutes later, my sister's friend, Kat, comes. We sing "Happy Birthday" and such. My brother calls Irulan "Tequila" because her Mother's name is Daiquiri. Whatever. Then it gets interesting..

He goes on about how she has so little hair and says shit like "your going to have to get a weave", etc. I snapped. I punched him in the stomach and he like totally provoked me more with his "bring it". So I brought it to him. I put Irulan down, got up, decked him in the face, he waltzes back, and I keep throwing punches at his face. All this happening while my sister, Kat, and April are like yelling at us to stop. My brother punched me in the stomach and then like held me in a way that he couldn't get hit anymore and brings me to the ground. All he really did from that point was just lay on top of me holding my arms so I couldn't move. That's his method of defense cos he really CAN'T fight. We've gotten into fights in the past and I gave him a busted lip here, or a bloody nose there. He's a 6'4", 280lb pushover.

So the fight is basically over. There are words exchanged. I told him "Let me say some shit about your girlfriend". He got all pissed [see how that works?] and tried to come at me all crazy. I was ready. My sister and Kat stopped him tho. Now the kids are all scared, hiding in the Hallway and the Bedroom, my sister is yelling at me, everyone and everything is just..shit.

I told my brother to leave cos I didn't want him there. His car was blocked in so I said "Fine, I'll leave", and I was heading for the door. My sister got all pissed and said "You're just going to leave her here so I can take her home later?!? So I got her, and walked outside. My nephew brought some of Irulan's stuff outside for me to put it in the car. Yes, this party was over..

After everything was put in the car, my sister comes out. All I can tell her is "If I said something about his girlfriend, he would have done the same thing..". She like flips on me. EVERYTHING IS MY FAULT. I feel like she [just like my family always does, sided with my Brother.

It's done. I just get in the car and get ready to leave. Kat tells me to drive carefully cos I have a baby in the car. I just speed off..

The rest of my day has been shitty. My dad called me twice while I was on the Freeway taking Irulan home. He sounds like he's in my brother's favor. WTF is wrong with these people? Did they not take notice that he was talking crap about my daughter [who is also their relative?].

I just yelled at my Dad on the phone and hung up on him while my car was swerving because I was so pissed. It took a while to calm down..It still bothers me, but whatever. From this day on I will not attend any family functions. Birthdays, Weddings, whatever. All my brother will do is talk more crap and my short temper will lead me to ruining something else..


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